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Vegan recipes

Can you imagine a better way to explore a country than tasting the local food?

On my journey, I taste the local cuisine of the different countries and try to recreate the travel-inspired recipes in a vegan version.

Vegan & Vegetarian Traveling

Vegan Restaurant Guides

Since I love to try diverse restaurants, I collect the best restaurants of my travel destinations in food guides. 

In it you will find mainly cheap local restaurants that offer vegan and vegetarian dishes. From time to time I also test cafés or the one or other international restaurant.

Low Budget

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For me, traveling doesn't mean visiting as many places and sights as possible, but exploring countries for a longer period of time to soak up a lot of the culture and way of life.

On this blog I share my travel experiences, tips and photos. 

Honest travel report

Bromo without tour -
Pursued by the mafia

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Backpacking in Asien

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