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The Best Vegan Restaurants and Cafés in Vienna

Vienna has a huge vegan scene and is a paradise for foodies.

From the famous Sachertorte to pizza, burgers and Asian restaurants. You can get everything in a vegan version!

You can find our highlights in the following guide.

We have linked all the locations on Google Maps so you can save them directly.

The Best Vegan Restaurants in Vienna

Cafe Harvest Wien

Austrian Cuisine

If you want to try Austrian cuisine in a vegan version, this is the place for you. For example, there is goulash, Kasnockerln or apple strudel with vegan whipped cream.

To be honest, we weren't convinced by the Kaiserschmarrn, but we thought the rest was great!

Cost: around 10 - 14 € for a main course

Wolke Vienna Vegan Pizza

Vegan Pizza

Wolke Pizzeria advertises with dough as fluffy as a cloud - we can confirm that. 

Here you can find vegan pizzas with really creative toppings. Our favorite was the Arancione Vegana with pumpkin cream, vegan mozzarella, grilled eggplant, zucchini, yellow tomatoes and rocket.

Of course, there are also classics like vegetarian margarita, which also looked damn good.

By the way, the pizzas are served with scissors - not exactly Italian, but a fun experience.

Cost: between 10 and 17 € per pizza

Probably the best pizza in Vienna can be found at Mari. The pizzas are originally Neapolitan.

There are two vegan versions: one with artichoke cream, mushrooms and olives and a marinara with tomatoes, garlic and oregano. If you eat cheese, you can't go wrong with the classic margarita.

Cost: 8 - 18 € per pizza. Tues-Fri there is a lunchtime espresso after the pizza for just 1 €

Vegan Burger Wien

Vegan Burger

This purely vegan burger restaurant is set up like an American diner.

There are various burgers, fries, chili cheese bites, salads, wraps and desserts.

We were really impressed by the Vienna Burger with Wiener schnitzel, spring onion and garlic sauce. The vegan chicken nuggets were also an absolute highlight. What else can we say. Everything here was great. Even the burger buns were homemade and really fluffy.

Cost: around 9 € per burger, 5.50 € extra for a menu with fries and a drink.

Flip n Dip has everything you can find in "normal" burger restaurants - but vegan. Go there if you fancy fast food.

You can choose between various burgers with homemade burger buns, vegan nuggets or loaded fries. Milkshakes are also on the menu.

Cost: from 9 € per burger

Shiyu Vegan Asiatisch Wien


Watch out, it's spicy! The Ma La Hot Pot at Shiyu was the absolute food highlight of our trip to Vienna and a 12/10! You could call it a little treasure chest. It had everything: tofu, tempeh, tofu skin, kaofu (seitan), lots of different vegetables, mushrooms and glass noodles in a fiery broth.

The curries, on the other hand, are rather mild, but if you don't find them spicy enough, be sure to ask for the homemade chili oil! 

The Asian restaurant is purely vegan. They use fresh ingredients, cook without flavor enhancers and the curry pastes are all homemade. 

Cost: around 15 - 17 € for a main course, Wed - Fri there is a lunch menu for 12.90 €

Gorilla Kitchen Vegan Wien

Burritos, Sandwiches & More

Gorilla Kitchen manages to bring every dish to perfection. Whether it's vegan burritos, falafel sandwiches, salad, cake or cappuccino - we loved it all.

You can choose between different salsas for each burrito. Our highlight was the habanero and lime salsa on the chickpea burrito. It really gives it a kick. Make sure you also try the orange and chili salsa! Guacamole, coriander and vegan cheese are optional and, as we all know, make everything perfect.

The Gorilla Kitchen Deli at the other location has a similar offer. However, everything is only available for take away. Here we can highly recommend the Green Dynamite Burrito.

Cost: from 9.40 € per burrito

Som Kitchen Wien Vegan Asiatisch

Authentic Thai Food

At Som Kitchen you can get really authentic Thai dishes. There is everything from Pad Krapao to Tom Yam, Papaya Salad and Green Curry to Pad Thai.

It's not a vegan restaurant, but you can order any dish with tofu or vegan chicken. 

Som Kitchen has various locations in Vienna, we have marked the one where we ate. 

Cost: around 10 - 13 € per dish

The Best Vegan Cafés in Vienna

Veggiezz Vegane Sachertorte Wien

Vegan Sachertorte

Everything is vegan at Veggiezz. We came here especially for the vegan Sachertorte and the Wiener Melange. And we can recommend them 100%!

If you're really hungry, there are also burgers, seitan steaks and healthy bowls. The menu is colorful and we would have loved to try everything.

Cost: 5.50 € Sachertorte, main courses between 5 and 15 €

Veganista Eis Wien

Vegan ice cream

This completely vegan ice cream store serves really delicious ice creams. The waffle is also vegan, which you order as a "Stanitzel" in Austria.

Our favorites were basil and Black Forest.

There are over 10 locations in Vienna. We have linked the one we went to.

Cost: from 2.60 € per scoop

Grey Kaffee Vegan Pistazien Cornetti

Vegan Cornetti and Coffee

The highlight of Grey Coffee are the vegan cornetti with pistachio filling. A slightly lemony note gives the Italian cornetto that little bit extra and balances out the sweetness.

A cornetto is an Italian croissant and is part of the classic breakfast alongside a cappuccino.

In addition to cornetti with various fillings, Grey Kaffee also serves bagels.

Cost: 4.40 € pistachio cornetti, 3.90 € cappuccino, 0.50 € surcharge for vegan milk

Streetfood Tipp


You can find a huge selection of Turkish street food at the Brunnenmarkt..

There are lots of vegan options and everything is pretty affordable. 

You can also buy fresh vegetables, fruit, pickled olives and oriental sweets.

Just strolling around and watching is worth a visit.  

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