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How are you actually insured when you travel? What does health insurance for foreign countries cost? Can I cancel my German health insurance? Or do I have to pay twice?

I always get a lot of questions about this. And justifiably so, of course: We also had to use our international health insurance several times during our world trip, e.g. when Hannes was bitten by a dog in Bali. Luckily, all medical costs and vaccinations were covered without hesitation!

While planning our travels before starting our world trip, I thoroughly dealt with the topic of health insurance. I researched for days, compared various insurances and made countless calls to different health insurance companies.

To save you the trouble, I've collected useful tips to make your world trip planning easier.

General tips about health insurances for travels

What happens to my German health insurance during the trip?

Theoretically, you can keep your German health insurance, but like this you will still pay the costs. In other words, you pay double insurance fees during your trip.

If you want to avoid the high fees, you can simply cancel your German insurance. Important: You do NOT have to be deregistered from Germany! You only need to show your health insurance company your departure ticket and the proof of your health insurance for travels, so that it is clear that you would not be able to claim the insurance coverage of the German health insurance company anyway. When you come back to Germany, you register again with your statutory health insurance. Even if this sounds strange at first, you don't have to be afraid of it. In fact, this is what most world travelers do.

The situation is different for private or voluntary insurances; it is best to obtain information about this from your health insurance company. 

Do I need a worldwide health insurance?

If you plan to travel for more than 56 days, you should get a worldwide travel insurance. Alternatively, you can take out short-term travel insurance or annual insurance. These are cheaper than worldwide health insurance and you can travel as often as you want in one year, as long as your trips do not last longer than 56 days each.

How and at what time do I arrange international health insurance?

At the latest 2 weeks before the start of the trip you should get your insurance. No matter how early you book, the insurance coverage only takes effect at departure, so you don't have to pay twice for the time you spend in your home country. You can easily take out insurance with Young Travellers* online in just a few minutes.

What does a worldwide health insurance cost?

Surprisingly, an international health insurance is usually much cheaper than a standard health insurance. I pay only €47 per month with Young Travellers*, which is less than a third of the cost of my former German health insurance!

young travellers Aulandskrankenversicherung

Why did we choose Young Travellers?

For our needs, it was the cheapest travel insurance with the best benefits on the market: you can be insured for starting at just 19 euros per month. In addition, the insurance offers the advantage that we can travel spontaneously and flexibly: The USA and Canada are included in the insurance at no extra cost, as long as we stay there for less than 50% of our travel time. With many other international health insurances, you have to dig deep into your pocket for the insurance of USA and Canada and must be booked from the beginning, which we wanted to avoid. Since we want to travel without much planning, Young Travellers is a perfect fit for us.

The most important information in short form:

- Affordable: from 19 euros per month

- Up to 2 years of insurance (if you break off your trip prematurely, you can cancel at any time and even get back the remaining amount already paid)

- No excess

- USA and Canada are covered at no additional cost if you stay there less than 50% of your travel time

- Up to 8 weeks insurance in your home country (Germany and some other EU countries)

- Costs for vaccinations during travel are reimbursed

- Corona also insured

- Costs and invoices can be submitted conveniently via app

For more details, please have a look at the Young Travellers * insurance conditions. You can easily apply for travel health insurance online and it only takes a few minutes.

*These are affiliate links. If you buy or book something through this link, I get a small commission. Don't worry: You pay the usual price and NOTHING more.

I do not sale insurances or consulting for insurances myself. This article is merely a personal recommendation.

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