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Vegan and Vegetarian Food in Rishikesh

Welcome to Rishikesh, the Food-Paradise of India! 

Rishikesh is famous for its variety of healthy vegetarian and vegan food. Here you can really find everything your heart desires: from authentic Indian curries to smoothie bowls, lots of vegetables and tofu to delicious coffee and vegan cakes! 

I would therefore describe Rishikesh as the Bali of India. Also because yoga, meditation and spiritualism can be found here on every street corner. Especially the yoga vibe makes the place so special when it comes to food: Most tourists practice yoga here several times a day and want to feed their bodies with good nutrients afterwards. That's why you can find a lot of healthy and protein-rich vegan food here. 

The best part is that everything is affordable and even on a low budget you can eat your way through all the restaurants. I loved it!

Vegan Cafés Rishikesh

Café Moktan

Small and cute

Absolute favorite cafe in Rishikesh! At Moktan I always felt like in a small Italian espresso bar with Indian vibes. Here you can get the best and at the same time cheapest cappuccino in town (with Sojmilk only 120 rs / 1,35€). A masala chai with coconut or soy milk is available for 70 rs / 0,80€. The pastries are not vegan but incredibly delicious, huge and also really cheap. And while you're having a good time here, you're constantly meeting new people.

Favorite dish: Soy-Cappuccino (120 rs) and Chocolate Croissant (50rs)

French Bakery Tapovan

The best vegan cake

The small French Bakery is located in the upper part of Tapovan. Here you can find by far the most delicious vegan cake in town! If you want to be mindful of your body, you can even find sugar-free and gluten-free nibbles. In addition, there is good coffee (cappuccino with soy milk 150 rs), incredibly delicious, freshly squeezed juices and various teas. 

Favorite dish: Vegan Carrot Cake (100rs), Pineapple-Ginger-Mint Juice (220 rs), Ginger-Honey-Lemon-Tea (50 rs)

Secret Garden Café

The best Smoothie-Bowl

The Secret Garden Café is not really 'secret', but it is definitely one of the most beautiful cafés in Tapovan. There is a huge garden where you can sit and relax with a book or friends. There is also an air-conditioned indoor area and wifi. On the menu you will find many healthy vegetarian and vegan dishes. In my opinion, they have the best smoothie bowl in all of Rishikesh! The topping consists of homemade sugar-free granola and lots of nuts. The vegan, sugar-free pancakes and cappuccino are also great. In the evening, there are sometimes even events with live music.

Favorite dish: Banana-Papaya-Smoothie-Bowl (270 rs) 

Healthy Food

Tulsi Restaurant Rishikesh

Loads of veggies, tofu & glutenfree

Tulsi Café is hidden in the upper part of Tapovan. In my opinion, it is the restaurant where you get the best bang for the bug. They focus on healthy ingredients, vegan dishes and sustainability. That's why most of the furniture is made out of recycled materials. The food is really delicious, there are lots of fresh vegetables, tofu and gluten-free dishes. My favorite dish was vegetables sautéed in soy sauce with tofu. The food makes you really full, yet you feel good because you are eating only healthy ingredients. The juices are also really tasty and affordable. The highlight for dessert is the vegan and gluten-free Bannoffee Pie, which consists of chickpea flour, coconut cream, dates and banana. In addition, the menu includes sweet and savory millet pancakes (Ragi Pancakes), porridge, potato and pasta dishes.

Favorite dish: Fried vegetables with Tofu (180 rs)

Ira's Kitchen Tapovan

Cozy garden vibes

At Ira's, you sit in a huge garden / green courtyard. There are various porridges for breakfast, such as well-seasoned masala oats. Alternatively, there's even amaranth granola and various smoothie bowls. There are vegan omelets (chilla) with vegetables, Indian dishes, juices, and French press coffee. They are serve cakes that change daily.

Kings Café Tapovan

Oven-roasted veggies & Hummus

Kings Café has many healthy and vegan dishes for a fair price. Our favorite here was the Veg Killer Platter: a bunch of roasted vegetables, tofu, falafel and hummus. You can sit here in a cute little garden or inside on cushions on the floor. In the evening, the atmosphere here is coziest, with all the fairy lights shining.

Favorite dish: Veg Killer Platter (290 rs)

Gaia Smoothies

Welcome to the Smoothie Master

At the Smoothie Master there are different smoothie bowls between 100 and 300 rs depending on the toppings and ingredients like extra granola, hemp protein or sprirulina. Toppings include dried fruits, seeds and nuts. Gaia Smoothies is a very small store, you sit on seat cushions on the floor and "Love Water" aka peppermint tea is provided for free. The store is only open in the mornings until about 11:30.

Wheatgrass Cafe Rishikesh

Healthy dishes and juices

Wheatgrass Café

At the Wheatgrass Café you can find many healthy dishes. The name says it all, because here you can get wheatgrass shots, which are supposed to be especially healthy. They also have delicious juices, smoothies, many dishes with vegetables and gluten-free dishes like buckwheat pancakes. 


More fancy & good for work

This slightly fancier and stylish restaurant is located in the lower part of Tapovan and is part of a hotel. The menu is varied: here you can find everything from vegan pancakes, pasta, sushi and curries to vegan cheesecake. The prices are a bit higher than in other restaurants, but the quality is really good and you sit in a relaxed atmosphere with air conditioning or on a balcony with a direct view of the Ganges. It's also a good place to work on a laptop, because there's fast WiFi here, too.

Favorite dish: Vegan pancakes with bananas and date sirup (220 rs)

Vegan Indian Food

South Indian kitchen

If you are in the mood for South Indian dishes, you should definitely visit Anna's Mess. Here you will find various dosas, Malabar Parotha, changing lunch dishes, Kottu and much more. Some of the dishes can be customized. If you are vegan, you can omit the ghee. The ambience here is very relaxed, the restaurant is located in the southern part of Tapovan and you sit in a quiet, green courtyard.

Favorite dish: Malabar Parotha (135 rs) and Masala Dosa (130 rs)

North Indian kitchen

Absolute insider tip and in my opinion the best restaurant, for authentic Indian cuisine in all of Tapovan! The restaurant is very small and you sit on cushions on the floor at tiny tables. The food is freshly cooked next door, half on the street, half inside, in the family business. The waiting time can be well spent chatting with the other guests, you always meet new people here. The vibe is unique. Be sure to try one of the curries, the chai or the Byriani (without egg).

Favorite dish: Mix Vegetable Curry (140 rs) and Dhal Fry (100 rs)

Dada's Thali Tapovan


Another insider tip: Dada's Thali is a local restaurant that you will find hidden at the end of a small side street in the lower part of Tapovan. The name says it all, here you only get thali for dinner and a few drinks. You can sit here with a view of the Ganges and the mountains in the background. A delicious thali costs only 130 rupees, which is about 1.50 euros. Always included are rice, chapatis, dhal and cucumber slices. In addition, you get daily changing vegetable curries, such as pumpkin curry or okra curry.

Restaurants with a view

Beatles Café Rishikesh

Restaurants with a view

Beatles Café is the perfect place to go if you're looking for a beautiful view. There are many vegetarian and vegan international and Indian dishes that you can enjoy with a direct view of the Ganga and the mountains behind. It gets really beautiful at sunset, when the sky turns red.

Little Buddha Café Rishikesh

Restaurants with a view

Little Buddha Café is very popular and is located right by the river in Lakshman Jhula. There are many dishes with tofu and a beautiful view of the Ganges.

Favorite dish: Pomegranate Juice

Restaurants with a view

Café Royale is located right next to the Little Buddha Café. Here you can enjoy delicious thali, vegan or with paneer. While eating you can enjoy a beautiful view of the Ganga with sunset. Most of the time it is a bit emptier here than in the Little Buddha Café and therefore a bit more relaxed. 

Favorite dish: Thali 

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