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Delicious and Affordable Food on Koh Kood

You are planning a trip to Koh Kood and are wondering what kind of budget you should bring?

Although restaurants and accommodation cost a little more than on other Thai islands, 

we managed to get along with a daily budget of around 20-25 Euros per person.

Here you can find the best restaurants and cafés for low budget.

At the end of the guide you will find a map with links to all the locations.

Best restaurants on Koh Kood


Best Tom Yum 

JK Restaurant has the best Tom Yum on the whole island! Really spicy, with lots of chilies.

You can order any dish with tofu, although it is not officially on the menu. The freshly grilled fish is also popular.

Our advice: be patient. As it is always full here and everything is freshly cooked, it can take a while. 

Cost: around 150 THB / 3.80 € per curry.

Corner Koh Kood

Yummy Curries

The Corner belongs to a really kind Thai family and is furnished with love to the details. 

The curries and soups are particularly good here. Very spicy and refreshing thanks to the kaffir lime leaves and lots of fresh vegetables. You can order all dishes with tofu, meat or prawns.

Cost: around 150 THB / 3.80 € per curry.


Authentic Thai Food

It always tastes really authentic at The Table Local.

The restaurant is typically Thai and all in one: supermarket, gas station, street food and restaurant.

We especially liked the Mango Sticky Rice, the Curry Stir Fries and the Thai Omelette.

Cost: around 70 – 150 THB (1.80 € – 3.80 €) per dish.


Vegan Restaurant

Mandala is a purely vegan and vegetarian restaurant. There is a large selection of curries, soups, stir fries and even vegan ice cream! You can also choose between different side dishes, such as mixed vegetables, vegan meat or tofu.

Our absolute favorite dish was the Holy basil stir fry with vegan chicken.

Costs: from 70 THB (2 €). 

Papaya Salat

They serve super tasty papaya salad here! Many locals eat at this street restaurant, so the prices are very reasonable. All Thai dishes are freshly prepared.

Costs: from 60 THB (1.50 €) per dish.


Eat like the locals

The restaurant is simple and the prices are very low. Many locals eat here. There are many dishes with meat, but they can also prepare dishes with tofu on request. Vegetarian alternatives include fried rice or vegetables with rice.

Costs: from 50 THB (1.30 €) per dish. 

Streetfood on Koh Kood

Thai Tea & Smoothies

This small stall right next to the Chill Out Restaurant serves the best Thai tea on the entire island. The iconic Thai tea lady prepares all the drinks with lots of love. The smoothies are also delicious.

Cost: 60 - 100 THB (1.80 €) per drink.



We discovered a small night market on the streets to the waterfall behind the White Beach (Klong Chao Beach). We particularly liked the Pad Thai, the papaya salad, grilled mushroom and tofu skewers and the mango sticky rice. There are also cocktails and smoothies, but we found them quite expensive.

Wednesday - Monday, 6pm - 11pm

Cost: around 50 - 100 THB (1,.30 € - 2.50 €) per dish.


Thai Pancake / Roti

On the street above the White Beach you can enjoy the popular Thai pancakes with various toppings.

Costs: from 35 THB (0.90 €)

Cafés with a view on Koh Kood


Mangrove Cafè

Here you can sit directly in the mangroves with a view onto the blue water.

The restaurant is really cozy and serves good coffee, Thai tea and small dishes.

Cost: around 70 THB (1.80 €) per drink.

Gathi Cafe Koh Kood

relaxation and tranquility

If you're in the mood for a really peaceful and quiet café with sea view, the Gathi Café is the place for you. The matcha is particularly good here. There are also delicious cakes, coffee, tea and various main dishes.

It's a little more expensive than other cafés, but it's definitely worth it for the view and the relaxed atmosphere!

Cost: around 100 THB / 2.50 € for cappuccino.

View Point Cafe Koh Kood

Coffee with sea view

While you enjoy coffee and cake here, you can watch the fish below you and the sea in front of you. The café is a perfect spot for sunset or a cozy start to the day. There are also cocktails and a few main dishes.

Cost: Cappuccino around 80 THB (2 €), cake around 70 THB (1.80 €). Deal with Vietnamese drip coffee & cake around 120 THB (3 €).

Good View Café

View on White Sand Beach

We found the papaya salad particularly delicious. But beware, Thai-spicy!

We particularly liked the papaya salad here. But beware, it's spicy!

There is also good coffee, Thai tea, smoothies and other Thai food.

Cost: Cappuccino 50 THB (1.30 €), fruit shake 80 THB (2 €), papaya salad around 70 THB (2 €). 


Directly in the Ao Jark Bay

There are several good restaurants right in the idyllic Ao Jark Bay. Everything at Neverland Beach Resort is really delicious. However, due to its location on the beach, it is also a little more expensive. A cheaper alternative with the same view is the Rimlay Café. It serves various Thai dishes, smoothies and coffee.

Cost: Dishes from 70 THB (2 €), drinks from 25 THB (0.60 €)

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